Hilldale Towers Apartments - Application Criteria

Hilldale Towers is strongly committed to providing a quality living environment. Because of this commitment, we have established consistent procedures for reviewing applications. Incomplete, inaccurate, or falsified applications will be rejected. Each application is accepted or rejected based on the criteria below, although management reserves the right to modify criteria or to adjust acceptable limits and requirements to meet those criteria based on prevailing market forces.
  • There is no application fee or Earnest Money required.
  • Each adult 18 years or older applying for residency must complete an application.
  • Disclosure of an applicant's Social Security Number (SSN) is voluntary and housing will not be denied solely on the applicant's decision to withhold their SSN. However, processing and approval of an application may be delayed or impossible without a SSN.
  • We will not hold any units during the application process and make no guarantee that an apartment will be available if approved Once an application is approved and an apartment is offered to the applicant, the applicant has three days to accept the apartment and sign a lease. Consideration may be given if applicant cannot sign a lease in the allotted time.
  • Management will make reasonable effort to check and verify application information but cannot be responsible for delayed processing or approval due to unavailability of, lack of response from, or lack of cooperation from reference sources.
  • To provide equal housing opportunities to all people, Hilldale Towers does not discriminate against any class protected by Federal, Wisconsin, Dane County, or City of Madison laws.
  • To be approved, applicant must supply verifiable information to meet the following criteria.
    • Proof of employment or other documented income or assets to support the ability to pay the rental commitment.
    • Positive credit history showing responsibility for honoring commitments and a strong history of payment of bills as well as a viable debt-to-income ratio. We do not depend solely on the FICO number.
    • Positive housing references from current and/or previous landlords to establish a housing history.
    • Criminal background free of issues and behaviors that could put the property, the community or its residents and staff at risk of damage or harm.
    • A cosigner will be considered for inadequate income, or no housing or credit history. A cosigner does not substitute for negative housing or credit histories.

Minimum Income Standard Disclosure

As part of the application approval process, we use a minimum income standard as a guideline. Applicants must provide reliable, demonstrable evidence of a monthly gross income equivalent to three (3) times the rent on the unit for which they have applied. If your application is denied solely based on minimum income, your application will receive further consideration if you have either an acceptable co-signer or evidence of your actual ability to pay the rental amount, including written rental references for the past 24 months from a rental housing provider not related to you where you paid a comparable income-to-rent ratio and a comparable rental amount, and prior leases for the past 24 months.

Acceptable Forms of Proof of Ability to Pay:

  • Employment reference(s) willing to disclose or verify amount of income claimed on application.
  • Letter or other proof of Offer of Employment from a new employer, including compensation to be received.
  • Pay stubs/wage statements from the two most recent payrolls.
  • Proof of government assistance, student aid or similar if considered income for this purpose.
  • Original bank statement(s) showing current balance in savings or checking accounts.
  • For acceptability of other forms, please check with Management.

Community Occupancy Standard

One bedroom units - Maximum two individuals plus one child under five years old.
Two bedroom units - Maximum four individuals.